Architectural Video

Architectural Video: True to Life

Creating captivating architectural video doesn’t need to be difficult. We believe in creating architectural footage that you can use for many years, for many different purposes. We apply the same principals of architectural photography documentation to video. This means focusing on a video capture and editing that captures a building’s reality, reducing distortion whenever possible. We apply tilt-shift, stabilization, color correction and object editing to our footage.

The Power of Dialogue

Video is a powerful storytelling medium. We offer both video documentation of your projects, as well as video production into fully edited narratives.

Each year the Steel Institute of New York hosts a design challenge. This year DXA studio’s design The Midtown Viaduct won the grand prize and was featured in a video produced by ARKO


Steel Institute of New York

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Brickell Flatiron

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Bring video into your portfolio

Use aerial and cinematic video create a more vibrant impression with your architectural portfolio. We offer both video documentation of your projects as well as video production into fully edited narratives.

For the Brickell Flatiron in Miami, we shot and processed footage to showcase the building’s unique parking structure: ARKO

Predictable Costs

We offer flat-rate pricing for shooting projects in most cities around the world. Our photographer network is growing, and reducing the necessity of travel is part of ARKO’s mission. We aim to lower carbon emissions from unnecessary flights, while increasing access to high-quality photo & video for the built environment. believe in making it simple for your firm to expand your portfolio.

Simple to Manage

Work with one point of contact for all your projects worldwide. We manage a network of 100+ photographers, and we’re growing into new markets. Our goal is to reduce travel and pass those cost-savings to you.

Details are everything.

When telling your project’s story, details are like narrative. They tell a story of what your firm added to the project. So in addition to capturing beautiful overall shots of your project, we also capture the details that matter to your firm.